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nine graphics
Fresh-thinking, affordable web & print design
Give your business the image to compete


We love nothing more that helping clients expand their business. As a company grows, the potential
for more work to come our way grows too. It's not rocket science, but it's the reason we do all we can to make you and your company look good. We're only happy when you are happy. Our services are extensive and honed by years of experience and whether it's website design or design for print, we like to think we
have all bases covered!


Our designs are optimised according to where they will be seen. Whether on-screen or printed, we will make sure every angle is covered. From stationary to exhibition displays, from marketing email campaigns to home screen icons. The end results will always be the same – a professional and seamless customer experience

An image is an image, right? Of course, but if you want it printed it will need optimised for the print process. Likewise for use on the web, not only can we make sure images print as brightly with as vibrant colours as possible but we can make sure they load quickly without losing quality on your website.

An iPad displaying the Trade Inn website – designed by Nine Graphics


We create clear, functional websites designed around your requirements. Let Nine Graphics build a website that's right for you. We'll use every pixel to build an online presence worthy of your busines

Putting your business online can be intimidating. With so many things to consider – some you're probably unaware existed, our experience means we'll help you choose the services you need and steer you clear from the ones that will only part your from your hard earnt cash. Why not get in
touch and let's start planning you a brighter digital future today!

From Facebook to flyers – targeting potential customers in the right way is key to expanding your business
A gold iPhone 5S with a Nine Graphics logo and various social media icons on it's homescreen

Having worked in Marketing departments for international companies, our experience when it comes to marketing sets us apart. No matter what size your business, our eye-catching designs and tested strategies mean we can help you grow your client base on and off line.

The right social media site is a great way to stay in touch with customers. Used correctly it can be a cost-effective way to offer them new services and products as you expand your business while helping you raise your Google ranking. Our marketing strategies and ideas will give you and your company the very best options to move forward.


You can have the best looking website on the web but if nobody knows it's there, how would anyone ever know? Search Engine Optimisation will optimise your website so search engines can properly list the content on your website to people searching for services and products you might sell. We offer a basic start-up SEO package and other affordable monthly solutions to suit every budget.

Do the webisite quotes you've got include SEO? The cheapest quotes might look attractive but are you being sold short?
SEO really can make all the difference. The basic package really should be considered as essential for any website. At Nine Graphics, we'll explain how things work, what we will do to improve your Google rankings and whether it's right for you. We promise no blinding with science, just 'common sense' facts to help you make an informed decision.

The source code of a website and highlighted ways Nine Graphics will optimise your site for search engines


Adapting your website to the screen size of the device it’s being viewed helps you control what the client sees.
Our goal is to create an as seamless as possible experience for the ever-growing mobile market and conventional desktop user.

Essex Engineering Solutions website as it appears a desktop computer, a laptop, an iPad and a smartphone